The collection , identification , maintenance , evaluation , regeneration , and utilization of forest trees and shrubs genetic resources in Qom province.  [2008]

Panah Pur, Heydar Tavakkoli Neku, Hossein Adnani, Mahdi Naeini, Mohammad Reza et al.

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There was carried out a research project in order to recognize and collect the seed of forest trees and shrubs in Qom province since 2003 to 2007. The geographical and morphological properties in Qom province is very different so there is a various climatically and ecological and vegetations condition in this areas. In this research, primarily the results of some studied projects in the various fields of forests and natural resources were collected, surveyed and checked by touring in the forest areas. Twenty eight species of forest trees and shrubs were identified that belong to thirteen families. The forest area in Qom province is 13100 ha that 11100 ha of them is Tamarisk covered. The Masileh forest with 6150 ha in north and eastern north of Qom city near Hoze-Soltan lake have critical condition. For study on Masileh forest area used the plots with 1600 M2 and measuring and evaluating the quality and quantity parameters such as trees density , high and diameter , canopy , seed and regeneration , vitality and freshness of trees. In this research had found five species of Tamarisk as below: Tamarix arceuthoides , Tamarix kotschyi , Tamarix passerinoides , Tamarix tetragyna , Tamarix ramosissima . The results of this project indicated in this area Tamarisk density were in a good condition with 1,7 meter of mean high and 3,5 centimeter of mean diameter that often in coppice forms in a danger, vulnerable conditions in very cases. Seed samples collected on bra
nches of selected trees and shrubs and afterward they were dried in proper condition. There were collected thirty-eight seed samples for any preferred species or accessions which are distributed in a vast region in the forest. Collected seed samples had been sent to Natural resource gene bank in of Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands of Iran. aspects now.

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  • forest trees
  • arbuste
  • geomorphology
  • germplasm collections
  • seed
  • shrubs
  • tamarix
  • genetic resources
  • iran republique islamique
  • mantenimiento
  • geomorfologia
  • collection de materiel genetique
  • recursos geneticos
  • identification
  • semence
  • semillas
  • arbre forestier
  • Reseach Institute of Forest and Rangeland
  • entretien
  • banco de genes
  • seed collection
  • arboles forestales
  • iran islamic republic
  • conservation des ressources
  • ressource genetique
  • banque de genes
  • iran republica islamica
  • Qom ( Province )
  • geomorphologie
  • identificacion
  • resource conservation
  • collecte de semences
  • arbustos
  • colecciones de material genetico
  • coleccion de semillas
  • conservacion de los recursos
  • gene banks
  • maintenance

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" The collection , identification , maintenance , evaluation , regeneration , and utilization of forest trees and shrubs genetic resources in Qom province. "