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Preliminary evaluation of yield and other agronomic traits of spring rapeseed inbred lines in Mazandran.  [2009]

Rameeh, Vali Ol-Lah A`lavi, Vahid Qadami, Nasr Ol-Lah Amiri Oughan, Hassan

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In order to improvement varieties with suitable agronomy traits including early maturity, lodging resistance, tolerance to diseases and also high seed yield, 13 spring rapeseed genotypes including advanced lines and hybrids were planted in randomized complete block design with 3 replications at Biekola Station in september 2008. Each plot was included 4 rows with 5 meters along . In this study different traits including days to flowering, days to end of flowering, duration of flowering, days to maturity, plant height, number pods per plant, number seeds per pod, 1000-seed weight and seed yield were evaluated . The results of analysis of variance based on randomized complete block design revealed significant mean square for seed yield at 1% probability level. The genotypes including SLR308-1, 19SARI- 1and Hyola401 with 3653.33, 3503.33 and 3403.33 kg/ha seed yield had first to third rank respectively.The days to maturity of these genotypes were 217, 218 and 210 days respectively.Also in this study 19SARI-1 with high length of main raceme had near ideotype in compare to other genotypes.