Written Paper

A Review of Egg Production in Botswana  [2011]

J.C. Morek T. Montsho

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The egg industry has grown significantly over time, thus leading to the country becoming selfsufficientin table egg production. Currently, the per capita consumption of eggs in Botswana isestimated to be about 62 eggs per person per year. The five major egg producing districts areSouth-East, Kgatleng, Francistown, Selebi Phikwe and Kweneng with South East being the largestproducer of eggs in the country. It appears that only Chobe district does not produce eggs butrelies on supplies from other districts. The industry is challenged by inter alia high feed costs,inadequate extension service, disease outbreaks, poor infrastructure, unorganized marketing andirregular supply of pullets. It is suggested that further processing of eggs should be started in thecountry and also that egg production should be promoted in Chobe District.