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Prevalence and Aetiology of Poultry Coccidiosis and Associated Risk Factors in White Leghorn Grower Chickens at Kombolcha Poultry Farm, Ethiopia  [2012]

Abadi Amare Araya Mengistu Shahid Nazir

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A study was conducted from October 2009 and March 2010 with the objective of determining theprevalence of poultry coccidiosis and identifying the species of Eimeria at Kombolcha poultryfarm. A total of 638 dead White leghorn chickens of age 1 to 60 days were examined on postmortem, mucosal scraping examination, examination of gross and histopathological changes, andidentification of Eimeria species. Prevalence rate of 22.3% (142/638) was assessed. A statisticallysignificant difference p< 0.05 (χ2= 261.995, p = 0.000) was noted among the studied age groupswith maximum prevalence at 41-50 days of age. Five Eimeriaspecies were identified, namely: E.tenella(37.86 %), E. brunette (29.22 %), E. necatrix(12.35 %), E. acervulina(15.22 %), and E.maxima (5.35 %)which were identified for the first time in the farm. In conclusion, coccidiosisremained still a major problem in the farm by changing its mode of occurrence from time to timeas to the variations of the management system. Further strategies needs to be implemented toreduce the loss due to coccidiosis