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Studying the effects of salt stress on yield and physiological characteristics of winter rapeseed in Semnan province  [2010]

Akhyani, Ahmad , The member of scientific board of Agricultural Research Center of Semnan province Rezaie, Hamed , The member of scientific board of Soil & Water Research Institute Froumadi, Mahmood , The BSc of Agricultural Research Center of Semnan province, Iran

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In a field experiment, the growth responses of 7 winter rapeseed varieties to three levels of salinity induced by 1.9, 7 and 12 dSm-1 were investigated using a split plot experiment based on a randomized complete block design with three replications. Salinity was the main plot and varieties were sub plots. The tolerant cultivar(s) was introduced after data analysis based on seed yield and yield components measurement, studying the nutrient uptake pattern and the selective choosing ability of potassium against sodium (K/Na). The results of data analysis indicated that the effect of salt stress on all studied traits were significant (p

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Environmental Stresses in Crop Sciences

ISSN : 2228-7604