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Evaluation of soil and foliar application of nitrogen at different growth stages on yield and yield components of sugar beet cultivars  [2015]

Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi, Elnaz

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   In order to evaluation the effects of different application methods of nitrogen fertilizer on sugar beet yield, an experiment was conducted in farms of agriculture faculty of Islamic Azad university, Tabriz  branch in 2005. A randomized complete block design based factorial with three replicates used for three cultivars (7233, PP22, and IC) and three nitrogen application methods (seedbed applying of nitrogen, spraying at 6-8 and 14-16 leaf stages). Results showed that applying methods and cultivars had not significant effect on root and sugar yield, but on sugar percentage. Nitrogen spraying onP22 increased root yield more than other cultivars. Among N applying methods, nitrogen spraying was more effective than others. Soil application of nitrogen increased sugar yield in 7233 and IC cultivars, whereas in PP22, the most effective method was nitrogen spraying in 14-16 leaf stage. Nitrogen spraying in PP22 for increasing root yield, and nitrogen spraying at 14-16 leaf stage in PP22, and seedbed applying of nitrogen fertilizer in 7233 and IC cultivars for increasing sugar yield was recommended.