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The use of cluster analysis and principal component analysis for group selection of inbred lines of wheat under rainfed condition  [2012]

Abedi, Zahra Saba, Jalal Tavakoli, Afshin Soleimani, Kazem

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In order to select high yielding and adapted wheat lines for rainfed condition, 165 inbred lines of wheat with four controls were examined in a 13 × 13 square lattice design with two replications in the Agricultural Research Station of Zanjan University during 2010­-­2011. Number of effective tillers, plant height, spike length, awn length, number of grains per spike, seed number per plant, 1000 grain weight, grain yield, biomass and harvest index were evaluated. The studied lines showed significant differences and cluster analysis by Ward method categorized 169 lines into three distinct groups. The results of principal component analysis and biplot were relatively consistent with grouping of cluster analysis. According to the results of grouping and importance of traits in drought resistance and yield under stress conditions, third group lines were recognized as the best lines with higher plant height and favorable yield characteristics and are recommended for future breeding programs.