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Effects of different storage temperatures on sunflower seeds vigor  [2014]

Yari, Leila Hashemi, Shahla Hasani, Farshid

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The cultivation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) has significantly increased in recent years, mainly due to thequality of its oil, which is useful for the human consumption and industrial purposes. In order to investigate the effect of different seed storage temperatures on seed quality of two sunflower cultivars (Euorfluor and Rcord), seeds were exposed to three storage temperatures (5, 20 and 20-30C) for four months. Experimental units were arranged factorial manner in a completely randomized design with four replications. The effect of storage under 20C was more effective in maintaining the vigor of sunflower seeds. The effect of storage at 5C culminated in damage of vigor of sunflower seeds by increasing electrical conductivity (EC) and mean germination time. The effect of storage at 20-30C (alternative temperature) brought about seedling growth by comparing with other treatments. This study indicated that best results for germination and vigor of sunflower seeds found for theseed of Euorflour cultivar in comparison with to Record cultivar under seeds storage temperature.

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Iranian Journal of Seed Research