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Effect of Drought Stress and Normal Irrigation During Flowering to Maturity of 10 Spring Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) Genotypes Seed Germination  [2016]

Badrooj, Hossein Reza Hamidi, Aidin Shirany Rad, Amir Hossein

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In order to study of drought stress and normal irrigation effect on seed germination and seedling vigor of 10 oilseed rape spring genotypes, RGS003, Sarigol, Option 500, RGS006, 19_H, ORS3150-3006, ORS3150-3008, RG4403, RG405/03 and RGAS0324, an experiment was conducted as factorial, based on a completely randomized design with four replications, in the seed analysis laboratory of Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institution at Karaj during 2013. Results indicated that RG4403 genotype by 3.498 gr. and RGS006 genotype by 3.082 gr had the highest and lowest one thousand seeds weight respectively. Seeds of Sarigol, Option500 and RGS006 genotype, respectively, by normal irrigation and drought stress, had the most primary root, shoot and seedling length and seeds of ORS3150-3008 and RGAS0324 genotypes by normal irrigation respectively had the most primary root and seedling and primary shoot and seedling dry weight. Seeds of Sarigol and RGAS0324 genotypes by normal irrigation had the highest final germination percent. The highest mean germination time, the coefficient of the velocity of germination and mean daily germination, also respectively belonged to seeds of RGS003genotype by drought stress and19-H and RGAS0324 genotypes by normal irrigation. Besides, Sarigol and RGAS0324 had the most length and weight vigor indices. Generally, results showed that drought stress at flowering and maturity duration caused a decrease in seed quality ofstudied gen
otypes, but under what conditions, some genotypes like RGS006, 19-H and ORS3150-3006 seed had relatively optimum germination quality and seedling vigor traits.

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Iranian Journal of Seed Research