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Effect of Harvesting Time and Drying Temperature on Soybean Seed Quality  [2016]

Sadeghi, Hossein Heidari Sharifabad, Hossein Hamidi, Aidin Nourmohammadi, Ghorban et al.

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In order to evaluate the effect of seed moisture content at harvesting time and drying temperature on soybean seed germination characteristics, an experiment was conducted as factorial (232) based on Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications in Karaj and Moghan areas. The first factor was cultivar with two levels (Williams and L17), the second factor was seed moisture content with three levels (15, 20 and 25%) and the third factor was drying temperature with two levels (30 and 45 C). Results show that the germination percentage of producing seeds in Karaj (81.3%) were higher than Moghan area (77.4%). The difference between the germination percentage of dried seeds at 30 and 45◦C with initial seed moisture content of 15% was about 5.5%, while this difference for seeds with 25% initial moisture content was about 18.5%. There was no significant difference between seedling vigor index of seeds with 15% moisture content of two cultivars that have been produced in Karaj, but at 20% moisture content, the seedling vigor index in Williams cultivar (139.7) was higher than L17 cultivar (107.3). The highest (51.42 sm cm-1 g-1) electrical conductivity of seed leakage soluble was obtained from the L17 cultivar with 25% moisture content and 45◦C and the lowest (28.46 42 sm cm-1 g-1) rate of it was observed in Williams cultivar with 20% moisture content and 30◦C. According to these results, we must harvest and dry soybean seeds at 30◦C when its moisture con
tent reached under 20%.

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Iranian Journal of Seed Research