Written Paper

Operational plan of Iran saffron’s branding  [2014]

Masoomzadeh Zavareh, Abolfazl Ebrahimi, Abolghasem Shamsi, Jafar Dehnavi, Khalil

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Despite the extensive production and export of saffron in Iran, we have no strong and credible brand of Iranian saffron in global market. In other words, the absence of strong brands in the global market has made almost no name of Iran in these markets. Thus, it is useful to aware of the importance of branding for export crops such as saffron and exploring the solutions of leading brands using in the global market. The present study with regard to theoretical foundations, comparative studies and by using the opinions of saffron industry experts via in-depth interview and questionnaire, have addressed the challenges facing the industry, and Using SWOT matrix for formulating branding strategies and operational plans. The results of the study show that branding in the industry is so weak and has a lot of weaknesses and threats. Therefore, to develop branding in the industry, four main strategy categories were presented. By using these strategies we can guarantee the improvement in the industry.