New species and new plant records from Iran  [1984]

Assadi, M. Research Inst. of Forests and Rangelands, Tehran (Iran) [Corporate Author]

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Hypericum dogonbadanicum Assadi sp. nov. is described from S. Iran as a new species to the science. Its most close affinity is suggested to be H. balearicum L. from the Sec. Psorophytum (Spach) Nyman, but due to the presence of persistent petals and stamens, necessity of a new section for the new species is considered. Allium szovitsii, Arabis Christiana, Briza humilis, Caragana grandiflora, Chrozophora oblongigolia, Erodium armenim, Gypsophila graminifolia, Helianthemum Kahiricum, Minuartia umbellulifera, Paeonia cf. mlokosewitschi, Silene cyri and Zygophyllum miniatum are recorded as new to Iran. Larger distribution area is recognized for Primula gaubaeana

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Iranian Journal of Botany (Iran)


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" New species and new plant records from Iran "