Irrigation water management for onion trickle irrigated with saline drainage water.  [1996]

Abu Awwad A.M. Cemagref Institut de Recherche pour l' Ingenierie de l' Agriculture et de l' Environnement, Antony (France). [Corporate Author] Jordan Univ., Amman (Jordan). Dept. of Soils and Irrigation, Faculty of Agriculture [Corporate Author]

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Rainfall distribution, water use, yield of onion, water use efficiency (WUE) and water use index (WUI) as affected by four increasing water quantities and three water qualities were studied in field pot experiments during 1991/92 and 1992/93. Results indicated that increasing the water applied, compensated partially for the adverse effect of increasing irrigation water salinity. Salts accumulation in the crop root zone was at the maximum in W3 (W3 = evaporation). With supplemental irrigation, winter onion production per unit area can be increased into two to three times non irrigated onion. Maximum WUE occurred in W3 and W4, while maximum WUI occurred in W1 (0.25 evaporation) and W4 (1.5 evaporation) treatments for irrigation water salinity <2.8 dS/m and more than 2.8 dS/m, respectively. The tolerance threshold soil salinity of relative onion yield varied from 2.43 to 3.6 dS/m, and the rate of relative yields decline above the threshold soil salinity varied from 8.4 to 21.5%. These results place winter onion grown in the Jordan Valley in the moderate sensitive to salinity category.

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  • muestreo
  • jordanie
  • rendement des cultures
  • repiquage
  • soil
  • suelo
  • rizosfera
  • utilisation de l' eau
  • crop yield
  • rhizosphere
  • uso del agua
  • sol
  • trickle irrigation
  • echantillonnage
  • saline water
  • jordan
  • calidad del agua
  • water use
  • rendimiento de cultivos
  • transplanting
  • irrigation goutte a goutte
  • retention hydrique du sol
  • agua de drenaje
  • irrigation rates
  • water management
  • soil water retention
  • qualite de l' eau
  • sampling
  • drainage water
  • retencion de agua por el suelo
  • ordenacion de aguas
  • dose d' irrigation
  • dosis de riego
  • depth
  • water quality
  • eau de drainage
  • profondeur
  • eau saline
  • trasplante
  • profundidad
  • agua salina
  • gestion des eaux
  • jordania
  • allium cepa
  • riego por goteo

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