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A new citrus [Citrus crosses] cultivar 'Shonan gold'  [2004]

Manago, M. (Kanagawa-ken. Agricultural Research Inst., Hiratsuka (Japan)) Suzuki, S. Suzuki, M. Asada, S. et al.

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Shonan-gold' was selected and produced from a cross between 'Ogon-kan' (Citrus flaviculpus hort ex.Tanaka) and Satsuma mandarin cv. 'Imamura Unshiu' (Citrus unshiu Marc.) in 1988. As a point of almost same tree and fruit characteristics, it was considered as nucellar seedling of 'Ogon-kan' . It was registered as 'Shonan-gold' in 2003. The tree is vigorous upright-growing and has tiny thorns in the young stage, but thorns disappear and the tree attitude is gradually spreading with the year. If young trees are left untreated, there is a long period before fruit bearing. Therefore, it is very important to train lateral branches to open early. It is productive but with tendency to heavy alternate bearing. It is effective to enlargement of fruit size by fruit thinning in July. Fruits size are larger than that of 'Ogon-kan' , averaging about 11%, The fruit shape is globose. The rind is moderately smooth, thin, yellowish color and readily peelable . Flesh is very tender and juicy, flavor is pleasant, and aromatic similar to 'Ogon-kan' . The fruit contains few seeds. The fruit matures in April and good taste is kept from April to May. Planting of 'Shonan-gold' should be restricted to the windless and warmer coastal regions in winter because of its very late harvesting as on April.

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Bulletin of the Agricultural Research Institute of Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan)

ISSN : 0388-8231