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Iron bioavailability of traditional Indonesian soybean tempe  [1994]

Astuti, M. (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture (Japan))

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Tempe is a traditional fermented food usually made from soybeans by Rhizopus sp. In the Indonesian food pattern, tempe fermented for 48 hrs, is consumed in great quantities and it is the cheapest source of protein. The potency of tempe as a good source of protein is well-known, however, its function as a potential contributor to minerals especially iron, which may solve iron-deficiency anemia, still needs explorations. The five subjects of this study consisted of eight experiments conducted in Indonesia and in Japan. The experiments included bioassays using rat models, in vitro method and chemistry. Generally, the objectives of this study were to elucidate the iron characteristics in tempe, exploring the iron availability of tempe and investigating the effect of tempe on lipid composition and peroxidation

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Memoirs of the Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan)

ISSN : 0372-0322