Selenium concentrations in soils and grasses [Phleum pratense] of horse breeding farms in eastern Hidaka district, Hokkaido [Japan]  [1993]

Maeta, Y. (Hokkaido. Central Agricultural Experiment Station, Naganuma (Japan)) Mizuno, N.

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Selenium (Se) concentrations in soils and grasses were examined in the meadows of horse breeding farms in eastern Hidaka district. The 126 paired samples of soils and grasses were collected from Eriomo-cho, Samani-cho, Urakawa-cho and Mitsuishi-cho. Soils and grasses were collected on the same points. Timothy (Phleum pratense L.) in the meadows was examined as a representative grass species. The Se concentrations in grasses ranged from 0.001 to 0.328 ppm, with the average 0.021 ppm. The concentrations in more than 90% of samples were below 0.05 ppm. The concentrations in grasses collected at Lowland soil group were higher than those of grasses at Andosols and Brown Forest Soils. The total Se concentrations of soils ranged from 0.07 to 1.77 ppm, and averaged 0.527 ppm. The concentrations in Brown Forest Soils, Brown Lowland Soils and Gray Lowland Soils were lower than those of other soil group. No significant relationship of Se concentrations was found between soils and grasses; though relatively higher Se concentrations were likely in grasses which collected on the soils containing low levels of total Se. A significant relationship was found between the concentrations of total Se and free-iron oxide in soils. There was also a significant relationship between Se concentrations in grasses and phosphate absorption coefficient of soils. The Se concentrations in grasses collected at soils having over 1400 absorption coefficient were below 0.02 ppm. The finding
suggested that most of Se existed in soil as insoluble iron selenite

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  • paturages
  • selenium
  • explotaciones agrarias
  • phleum pratense
  • japon/ composition globale
  • amelioration des animaux
  • pastizales
  • exploitation agricole
  • selenio
  • japon/ composicion aproximada
  • mejoramiento animal

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Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science (Japan)

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