Bipolaris Stem Rot of Cactus Caused by Bipolaris cactivora (Petrak) Alcorn  [1998]

Chang Mee Hyun Ik-Hwa Overseas Pest Division, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, RDA, Suwon (Korea Republic)

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Bipolaris stem rot of cactus severely occurred up to 77% at the field of Koyang and Kimcheon from 1996 to 1997. The symptom was initially light yellow, water soaked round lesion, subsequently turned light brown and dried to death. The causal fungus was identified as Bipolaris cactivora (Petrak) Alcorn. Conidia were obclavare to fusoid, rounded ends, light brown color, 1~4 septate, and conidial size was 23~42*6~9 micro m (av. 32.5*7.5 micro m). Conidiophores were inoculated with the isolates obtained from the lesion of diseased plants, the same characteristic symptoms as those in the field were produced. The symptom of four-month-old cactus was developed more rapidly than that of six-month-old cactus. The pathogen was reisolated from the artificially inoculated lesions.

Other subjects

  • stems
  • spore fongique
  • pourriture
  • podredumbres
  • lesions
  • tige
  • patogenicidad
  • pouvoir pathogene
  • rots
  • cactaceae
  • pathogenicity
  • lesiones
  • tallo
  • esporas fungicas
  • fungal spores
  • lesion

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Korean J. Plant Pathol.

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" Bipolaris Stem Rot of Cactus Caused by Bipolaris cactivora (Petrak) Alcorn "