Distribution of Asiablatta kyotensis in Korea  [2010]

Choe, H.C., 106th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Service), United Status Forces Korea Kim, T.W., National Institute of Biological Resources, Incheon, Republic of Korea

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Asiablatta kyotensis (Asahina, 1976) is an endemic wood cockroach found in Far Eastern Asia, Korea, and Japan. A. kyotensis is found primarily outdoors in association with decaying wood, but it can also be found inside buildings. Wood cockroaches are not serious pests, but a possibility exists for them being a nuisance when many individuals live in a building. The detailed biology and distribution of A. kyotensis are almost unknown in both Korea and Japan. After a male A. kyotensis was found in a warehouse in Seoul, which is further north than previously reported in Korea, authors investigated A. kyotensis specimens from three Korean organizations (the National Institute of Biological Resources, Seoul National University, and Kangwon National University) and one Japanese organization (Kyushu University). All specimens found through the investigation were discovered in the western and southern areas of Korea, where the annual mean temperature ranges from 12 to 14℃ and are in warm temperate or subtropical climate zones. A. kyotensis populations in Korea live in warm temperate and subtropical regions and their geographic distribution in Korea is related with temperature conditions.

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  • republica de corea
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  • republique de coree
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  • distribution economique
  • distribucion economica
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  • Asiablatta kyotensis
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