Cross-tolerance of Alternaria mali to various fungicides  [1986]

Lee, C.U. Kim, K.H. (Yongnam Univ., Kyongsan (Korea R.). Coll. of Agri. and Animal Science)

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Of the 1,200 single spore isolates of Alternaria mali causing apple leaf spot and fruit decay, the mycelial colonies showed 76, 96 and 15% growth at 100,000 micro g/ml of captafol, chlorothalonil and folpet, respectively, and five and three percent growth at 10,000 micro g/ml of iprodione and polyoxin. These isolates showed cross-tolerance of mycelial growth, spore formation, or spore germination to the above five fungicides plus captan, garbenda, and thiophanate methyl. Captafol, mancozeb, polydong, and propineb did not show any cross-tolerance of spore germination since no spore was germinated at 10 micro g/ml which was much lower than the concentration used by apple growers

Other subjects

  • manzana
  • fungicidas
  • fongicide
  • alternaria
  • esporas
  • resistance aux maladies
  • germinacion/ crecimiento
  • pomme
  • resistencia a la enfermedad
  • spore
  • germination/ croissance

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Korean Journal of Mycology (Korea R.)


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" Cross-tolerance of Alternaria mali to various fungicides "