Volatile flavor compounds from raw mugwort leaves and parched mugwort tea  [1994]

Kim, Y.S. Lee, J.H. (Gyeongsang National University, Chinju (Korea Republic). Department of Food Science and Nutrition) Kim, M.N. (Pusan Women's University, Pusan (Korea Republic). Department of Food Science and Nutrition) Lee, W.G. (Pusan Institute of Health and Environment, Pusan (Korea Republic)) et al.

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Other subjects

  • traitement
  • secado
  • sechage
  • procesamiento
  • feuille
  • raw materials
  • gas chromatography
  • matiere premiere
  • tea
  • leaves
  • volatile compounds
  • hojas
  • tecnicas analiticas
  • artemisia
  • materias primas
  • cromatografia de gases
  • compuesto volatil
  • flavour
  • compose volatil
  • technique analytique
  • analytical methods
  • chromatographie en phase gazeuse
  • the
  • te
  • flaveur
  • drying
  • processing
  • aroma

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Journal of The Korean Society of Food and Nutrition (Korea Republic)

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