Qualitative composition and productivity of horses of Mugalzhar breeds  [2002]

Imangaliev, A. Karimov, Sh.

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The study of milk productivity of fillies and meat yield for youngsters of Mugalzhar horses was carried out at the JSC "Pervomaisky" of the Makhambet district and at JSC "Mukur" of the Kzyloginsk district of the Atyrau region. These farms feature in horse raising with year-round grazing; reserve of rough foods and concentrates, practically, is not produced. The horses of all age- and sex groups are kept in common studs. The increse of milk productivity of fillies is achieved by means of goal-oriented selection and pedigree works. Meat and fat yield of various-aged youngsters grown up in the conditions of year-round grazing, evidence by presense of general laws of meatiness development. Some superiority of foals in the age of 1.5 year is resulted from the conditions of free grazing with their mothers and from unusing as working horses.

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