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[Weed control in peas by means of harrowing and herbicides]  [1999]

Dovydaitis, V. Auskalnis, A. (Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Dotnuva (Lithuania))

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The effect of harrowing and the efficiency of herbicides Stomp, Basargan M and MCPA on weediness and grain yield of peas were investigated. Harrowing only at 3-5 leaves stage resulted in the increase of grain yield by 0.17 t/ha, or by 4.8 and in the reduction of weeds and air-dry mass by 25.9 and by 9.7 relatively. By combining harrowing before pea emergence with the application of 2 l/ha of Stomp at the emergence of pea seedlings, the grain yield has increased by 0.31 t/ha, or 8.4 and the number of weeds has decreased by 80.8 the air-dry mass, by 32.0. The application od Basargan M and its mixture with Stomp has decreased the number of weeds by 50-65 but the grain yield was the same. The application of MCPA resulted in pea grain yield decrease by 0.19 t/ha, or 5.1.

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ISSN : 1392-3196