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Modelling of the wastewater treatment in the filters of vertical flow with the dolomite powder media  [2010]

Kazakeviciene, J., Lithuanian Univ. of Agriculture, Akademija, Kauno reg. (Lithuania) Askinis, S., Lithuanian Univ. of Agriculture, Vilainiai, Kedainiai (Lithuania). Faculty of Water and Land Management. Water Research Inst.

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The possibilities to use other media instead of the sand in the filters of vertical flow are analysed in the article. The media used has to be inexpensive and its possibilities to clean the wastewater have to surpass that of the sand. The modelling of the wastewater treatment in the vertical flow filters was carried out in 2008 at the Water Research Institute of the Faculty of Water and Land Management of Lithuanian University of Agriculture. Dolomite powder was chosen for the investigation. Two models of 0.2 square m filters were made: one was filled with the sand, but the other was filled with the dolomite powder. It was found that the dolomite filter was less reactive to the primary contamination of the wastewater with the organic pollutants: when their amount rose from 320 to 460 mg O2 LE-1 according to the BOD7 index, the amount of the pollutants in the wastewater cleaned with the dolomite powder filter rose from 1.4 to 3.1 and amount in the wastewater which passed the sand filter rose from 0.5 to 13.9 mg O2 LE-1. General phosphorus was removed with the efficiency of 99.9% in the dolomite powder filter (and only with the efficiency of 87.0% in the sand filter). Therefore the dolomite powder filter will be removing phosphorus from the wastewater to the allowable contamination level for a much longer period. General nitrogen was cleaned with the effectiveness of 13.0% in the dolomite powder filter. Therefore, it is necessary to use additional means for
its removal from the wastewater in the vertical filters with the output higher than 5 m**3 dE-1.

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Research for Rural Development. International Scientific Conference Proceedings (Latvia)

ISSN : 1691-4031