Written Paper

Effects of BPA-organic fertilizer on performance of Eksotika papaya  [2002]

Zabedah M., MARDI Headquarters, 43400 Serdang, Selangor (Malaysia). Horticulture Research Centre

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A study on the performance of Eksotika papaya using Bio-Plus-Activator organic fertilizer (BPA-organic fertilizer) was conducted in a farm at the MARDI headquarters in Serdang, Selangor. The plants were treated with various combination of BPA-organic fertilizer and inorganic NPK compound fertilizer. Growth of plants using 100% BPA-organic fertilizer was slow compared to various combinations of BPA-organic and NPK compound fertilizer. The yield in terms of number of fruits harvested per tree for the first year of production was found to be highest from the combination of 75%NPK compound and 25% BPA-organic fertilizer (35 fruits/tree). The use of BPA-organic fertilizer increased the total soluble solid value of the fruits to 14 and above. Soil nutrient content improved with application of BPA-organic fertilizer. Similarly the petiole nutrient status was also improved.