Intercropping cocoa and oil palm - eleven years of trial results [Theobroma cacao; Elaeis guineensis; Malaysia]  [1986]

Nawi Che Yusoff Leong, C.W. Jamaludin Lamin (Felda Agricultural Services Corp., Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia))

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This paper reported further results of an earlier reported trial on the performance of intercropped cocoa and oil palm. At the end of 11 years, the treatment with single row oil palm interplanted with three rows of cocoa emerged as the most promising of the intercrop treatments. The treatment produced 88% of the monocrop oil palm yield and 55% of the cocoa monocrop yield. In a simple cost-benefit analysis, this treatment was also shown to produce steady incomes at fluctuating prices of oil palm and cocoa. Further monitoring or modifications of the trial was proposed

Other subjects

  • malasia/ pruebas
  • elaeis guineensis
  • cultivo intercalado
  • culture intercalaire
  • malaisie/ essai
  • theobroma cacao