Flower stimulation techniques for mature Gmelina arborea Roxb. trees  [1987]

Wong, C.Y. (Sabah Softwoods Sdn. Bhd., Tawau (Malaysia))

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The effects of applying ethrel and various types of girdling to promote flowering and fruit yield on plantation of Gmelina arborea Roxb. were investigated. Two types of girdling near the base of the bole and ethrel treatments considerably increased the amount of flowering and volume of fruit set in two successive periods when compared with the performance of the control trees. Girdling branches also improved the amount of flowering and fruiting during the first period. Heavy defoliation of girdles and ethrel-sprayed trees was observed during both flowering periods. Such techniques will be used to produce seeds of high genetic quality in Sabah Softwoods clonal orchards. The treatments promoted profuse and more synchronous flowering, thus allowing the best opportunity for out-crossing.

Other subjects

  • fructification
  • caida de las hojas
  • chute des feuilles
  • etefon
  • incision annulaire
  • ethephon
  • tallo/ floracion inducida
  • gmelina arborea
  • tige/ floraison induite
  • fructificacion
  • incision anular

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Malaysian Forester (Malaysia)

ISSN : 0302-2935