Nemophora maxine: a remarkable new species of Oriental fairy-moth (Lepidoptera, Adelidae)  [1996]

Kozlov, Mikhail V. (Turku Univ., Turku (Finland). Laboratory of Ecological Zoology) Robinson, Gaden S.

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Nemophora maxinae is described from two specimens, male and female, collected in Thailand and Brunei respectively. The species is distinctive, with plain, coppery-brown forewings; it is the only Old World tropical adelid with uniformly coloured forewings. The female antenna is remarkable, the proximal region resembling a bottle-brush, with whorls of erect scales. The male genitalia of maxinae are similar to those of N. decisella (Walker), N. cantharites (Meyrick) and N. rubrofascia (Christoph) but differ in having a very slender aedeagus and the ventral margins of the valvae parallel and close (but not fused) in the basal one-third.

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Malayan Nature Journal (Malaysia)

ISSN : 0025-1291