IRRISTAT for windows  [1997]

Bartolome, V.I. Ynalvez, M.A. Casumpang, R.M. Mclaren, G.C. (International Rice Research Inst., P.O. Box 933, 1099 Manila (Philippines))

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IRRISTAT Version 4.0 is a statistical package for WINDOWS developed at IRRI. It is used for data management and basic statistical analysis for experimental data. IRRISTAT for WINDOWS gives the simplicity of operation of a menu driven package. It provides this through a standard WINDOW interface, with multiple windows and menus for standard analysis. The data files of IRRISTAT Version 4.0 are compatible with those of the SYSTAT, BSTAT statistical packages and the SYGRAPH graphics program, which can therefore be used to extend the range of analyses available. With IRRISTAT Version 4.0, the user can manage data entered through IRRISTAT's own spread sheet or imported from existing computer files; illustrate data with graphics; transform existing variables and create new ones; perform balanced analysis of variance with facilities for partitioning sums of squares (PSS); execute correlation and least squares regression analysis; carry out unbalanced analysis of variance and general factorial modeling; analyze genotype by environment (G x E) interaction by way of pattern analysis and additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) models, perform quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis; and other statistical methods like Barlett's test, multiple range tests, probit analysis, and derivation of expected mean-squares (EMS). These techniques available in IRRISTAT Version 4.0 are useful in agronomy, genetics, ecology, plant breeding, and other areas of experimental biology

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