Conservation program for the Philippine cockatoo in-situ and ex-situ aspects  [1995]

Boussekey, M. (St. Martin-La-Plaine (France))

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A conservation program for an endemic and critically-endangered Philippine species, the red-vented cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia) was initiated in 1992. In situ aspects include two cooperative-education posters and 1,500 postal cards, several field trips and a radio-program aired over Palawan. Ex-situ aspects include an officially-approved European Endangered Species Breeding Program (EEP) and several laboratory research analyses (karyotype, genetic study, and hematological parameters)

Other subjects

  • especies en peligro de extincion
  • oiseau
  • conservation de la nature
  • birds
  • organismos indigenos
  • pajaros
  • filipinas
  • organisme indigene
  • nature conservation
  • espece en danger
  • endangered species
  • indigenous organisms
  • conservacion de la naturaleza
  • philippines

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Technical Journal of Philippine Ecosystems and Natural Resources