Gladiolus `white prosperity' for cutflower trade  [1999]

Rosario, T.L. Maningas, A.D. Siar, S.V. Garcia, C. et al.

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Gladiolus `White Prosperity' has a very high potential as a cutflower and is a very prolific corm producer. The flowers are white with dark pink streaks near the throat. The flower spikes which grow up to more than a meter long are very suitable for large flower arrangements. Field trials of Gladiolus `White Prosperity' were conducted in four locations, namely: UPLB, La Granja, Bukidnon and Davao City [Philippines], to determine its performance across locations. The plants were evaluated based on number of days to flower harvest, size of flower, number of flowers per spike, length of spike and vaselife. The best performance in terms of number of days to flower harvest, size of flower, number of flowers per spike and length of spike was observed in UPLB followed by La Granja and then by Bukidnon. Vaselife was 5-6 days. Different holding solutions like 20 percent sugar and 100-200 ppm 8-hydroquinoline sulfate (HQS) had no significant effect of the vaselife of Gladiolus `White Prosperity'

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  • cut flower production
  • localisation des productions
  • floraison
  • flowering
  • filipinas
  • flor cortada
  • gladiolus
  • fleur coupee
  • production de fleurs coupees
  • floracion
  • localizacion de la produccion
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  • produccion de flores cortadas
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" Gladiolus `white prosperity' for cutflower trade "