Identification of phenylpropanoids, phenylpropanoid glucosides and a phenylethanol diglucoside from Ipomoea muricata Jacq. Convolvulaceae  [1997]

Ysrael, M.C. Waterman, P. Nonato, M.G. (University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila 1008 (Philippines). Research Center for the Natural Sciences)

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In the course of isolating bioactive constituents from the seeds of the locally grown Ipomoea muricata (Jacq.) Convolvulaceae phenylpropanoids, phenylpropanoid glucosides and a phenylethanol diglucosides were isolated. A combination of 1H and 13C (1D and 2D) n.m.r. spectroscopy identified the compounds. The phenylpropanoids isolated were ethyl caffeate, caffeic acid and methyl p-coumarate. The phenylpropanoid glucosides identified were 6-0 (p-coumaroyl)-Beta-D-methylglucopyranoside and 6-0 (p-coumaroyl)-alpha-D-methylglucopyranoside and the phenylethanol diglucoside was identified as 2-(4-[0-beta-D-glucopyranosyl (1-6)-beta-D-glucopyranosyloxy] phenyl) ethanol

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  • propiedades medicinales
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Acta Manilana (Philippines)

ISSN : 0065-1370