Suitable rooting media for Aglaonema  [2001]

Protacio, C.M. Obmerga, L.R. Siar, S.V.

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The rooting media suitable for tip and nodal cuttings of various cultivars of Aglaonema were determined. Findings showed that coconut coir dust alone and a 1:1 mixture of burnt rice hull and saw dust resulted in high number of roots and extensive root system in four weeks for nodal cuttings of Aglaonema 'Malay Beauty'. Three-node stem cuttings of this cultivar produced more roots in 1:1 sand and coconut coir dust and 1:1 burnt rice hull and saw dust. Tip cuttings rooted two weeks earlier than nodal cuttings but nodal cuttings produced more plants. All rooting media used for tip and nodal cuttings tested for this cultivar obtained 100% rooting. Burnt rice hull alone and sand alone as rooting media produced extensive root system in Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'. In five weeks, 100% rooting was obtained. Nodal cuttings of the cultivar rooted best in coconut coir dust alone and in 1:1 mixture of sand and coconut coir dust. Regardless of rooting media used for this cultivar, only 61.67% rooted from nodal cuttings while 100% rooting was obtained from tip cuttings. Coconut coir dust alone and rice hull alone were identified as good media for rooting tip cuttings of Aglaonema 'Emerald Beauty'. Tip cuttings obtained 100% rooting in nine weeks for all the media used. Nodal cuttings rooted better in coconut coir dust alone and in 1:1 sand and coconut coir dust. One-node cuttings took 12 weeks to attain 69% rooting, regardless of media used. Position of nodal cuttings - wh
ether apical, 1st node or 2nd node did not have much effect on rooting of Aglaonemas.

Other subjects

  • substratos de cultivo
  • aglaonema
  • rooting
  • arena
  • sciure
  • sable
  • corte
  • variedades
  • substrat de culture
  • fibre de coco
  • rice husks
  • decoupage
  • fibra del coco
  • enracinement
  • aserrin
  • variete
  • growing media
  • sand
  • varieties
  • sawdust
  • cutting
  • coir
  • balle de riz
  • cascarilla de arroz
  • enraizamiento

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PCARRD Highlights 2000 (Philippines)

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