Floristic study of flowering plants in Wowoni Island, S.E. Sulawesi  [2004]

Rugayah, S.S.(Research Centre for Biology - Indonesian Inst. of Sciences, J.I. Ir. H. Juanda 22 Bogor (Indonesia). Herbarium Bogoriense, Botany Div.)E-mail:herbogor@indo.net.id

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Preliminary floristic study of flowering plants has been carried out in Wowoni Island in 2003 and 2004. Based on van Steenis's information in the Flora Malesiana 1: CX1 (1950), no collection has been done on this island although Fairchild, DG in 1940 had visited Nanka in Wowoni Island. Thus, this study was carried out, yielding more than 500 species. Field observation indicated that the species diversity in this island is very rich and dominant species in the westen and eastern parts of the island are quite different. The western part (Wawolaa and Lampe Api) is dominated by family Clusiaceae, Fagaceae, Lauraceae, Moraceae, Mytaceae, Orchidaceae, Rubiaceae, Sapotaceae, Zingiberaceae. The dominant tree species include Garcinia spp., Vatica umbonata, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Castanopsis buruana, Knema spp., Lithocarpus javanica, Pometia pinnata and Syzygium spp. On the other hand, the eastern part (Langsilowo) is dominated by Anacardiaceae, Clusiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Myristicaceae, Myrtaceae and Orchidaceae. The dominant tree species are Santiria laevigata, Palaquium obovatum, Kjelbergiodendron celebicum, Baccaurea javanica, Calophyllum soulatri and Xanthostemon confertiflorum. Some species have potential for horticultural purposes (vegetable and fruit source, ornamental plant), house building, making boat and medicines. All specimens collected from Wowoni Island are new for Herbarium Bogoriense collections. Several of them are either endemic, new record or
need further taxonomic study.

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