Philippine plant conservation strategy and action plan  [2005]

Fernando, E.S.,Philippines Univ. Los Baños, College Laguna (Philippines) Coll. of Forestry and Natural Resources

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Plants are an important part of our biodiversity and an essential resource: food, clothing, shelter, medicine, cultural artifacts. They are the primary producers and provide the habitat infrastructure for many ecosystems and play a key role in maintaining the environmental balance and ecosystem integrity. This paper is a summary of our country's response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation which is part of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The strategy includes 16 outcome-oriented targets to be met. These targets range from completing an accessible working list of known plant species and protecting endangered species and important plant areas, to ensuring plant products are obtained from sources which are sustainably managed, and establishing or strengthening networks for plant conservation activities. The Strategy provides a framework by means of setting outcome-oriented targets. Activities necessary to reach those target can be developed within this framework. In many cases, activities are already under way, or envisaged on existing initiatives. Implementing the strategy will contribute to meeting the global targets to reduce significantly the current and continuing loss of biodiversity agreed at 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development.

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