Multipurpose use of buri (Corypha elata Roxb. or Corrypha utan) and its nutritive value  [2010]

Queypo-Queddeng, M. Puzon, J. Rabena, A.R., University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City 2700 (Philippines). Research and Development

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This study was conceptualized to determine the essential forest products that can be extracted from buri (Corypha elata Roxb. or Corypha utan) tree. It was conducted in San Juan, Ilocos Sur, the buri capital of the Philippines. The young leaves are harvested by expert climbers to the average of 40 m tree, sun-dried for about two days and stripped for about 5-10 mm in diameter to produce the buntal fibers. The commercial dye is applied by cooking the desired color together with the buntal fibers. The buntal fibers are then ready to be knotted 1-2 days after application and made into artworks such as fans, bags, mats, placemats, hats and many other household necessities. The finished products from the buntal fibers are in demand in both local and international market. The fruit of the buri tree is a cheap source of food and a good source of starch. It is served as snack and is ready to eat. An average tree would yield up to 8-10 cavans of fruits, which can be sold up to Php 300.00 per sack. The midrib can be used into shoes, stick broom or for weaving. The trunk can be used as firewood and as wood frames into making nipa huts. It can also be used as temporary aqueduct for irrigation. The tree helps prevent soil erosion and maintain the ecological balance of the forest. The buri palm can be considered as a tree of life since it is a source of income of the people in San Juan besides farming. It provides an alternative livelihood for the people thereby minimiz
ing the drawbacks of economic crisis.

Other subjects

  • multiple use
  • produit forestier non ligneux
  • nutritive value
  • utilisation multiple
  • uso multiple
  • nonwood forest products
  • valeur nutritive
  • productos forestales no lenosos
  • valor nutritivo
  • palmae

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" Multipurpose use of buri (Corypha elata Roxb. or Corrypha utan) and its nutritive value "