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SSR-based genetic relationship in eggplant genotypes with varying morphological response to drought  [2014]

Saracanlao, R.J. Ocampo, E.T.M. Canama, A.O. Manaday, S.J. et al.

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The genetic diversity of selected eggplant accession with differing drought response was assessed using microsatellite markers. The results were utilized in selecting eggplant accessions that can be used as parental materials in breeding eggplant lines, hybrids, and varieties with drought tolerance. The genetic relationships of 20 eggplant accessions collected from different geographic locations, with varying response to drought, and representing five Solanum species were analyzed using SSR markers. Eighteen of the 35 SSR markers screened were found to be polymorphic. Ten of the polymorphic markers were used to construct a dendrogram of the 20 eggplant accessions. The results revealed that the clustering pattern of the eggplant accessions had no relationship with their geographical origin. Landraces and commercial varieties were found in the same grouping such as the 'Mistisa' variety and Solanum melongena accession from La Union/Tubao, Philippines. The results of the genetic analysis, in addition to the known drought response, were further used to identify the accessions that can serve as parents for breeding drought tolerant eggplants. The first set of accessions that can be used as parents included Solanum melongena from La Union, Tubao, Philippines, 'Mistisa' variety, and Solanum nodiflorum or Solanum ferox from Taiwan. Another set of parents selected were 'Mara' and the Solanum melongena from Taiwan.

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Philippine Journal of Crop Science (Philippines)

ISSN : 0115-463X