Selection indices using the litter traits of pigs  [1993]

Rasali, D.P. Penalba, F.F. (Philippines Univ., Los Banos, College, Laguna (Philippines). Inst. of Animal Science)

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The heritabilities, phenotypic and genetic variances and covariances, phenotypic and genetic correlations for litter traits such as litter at birth (LBS), litter birth weight (LBW), litter size at weaning (LSW), litter weaning weight (LWW), percentage of weaning based on total born (PWT) and average pig weaning weight (AWW) needed in the construction of selection index were computed and discussed. Economic values of litter traits were estimated using a procedure developed by Melton et al. (1979) with some modifications in assumptions of production conditions. The technique involved in the construction of selection index was based on the standard theory of selection index described by Hazel (1943). The stepwise computation of the index was made using the procedure described by Becker (1975). The selection indices for selected litter traits are as follows: I = 0.033 PWT + 0.225 AWW; I = 0.037 LBS + 0.097 LBW

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  • index de selection
  • phenotype
  • peso al nacimiento
  • porcin
  • destete
  • genotipos
  • sevrage
  • indice de seleccion
  • poids a la naissance
  • genotype
  • heritabilite
  • heredabilidad
  • cerdo
  • fenotipos
  • taille de la portee
  • tamano de la camada

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" Selection indices using the litter traits of pigs "