CORH 1: the first rice hybrid for Tamil Nadu, India  [1994]

Rangaswamy, M. Prasad, M.N. Sree Rangaswamy, S.R. Virmani, S.S. et al.

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CORH1 is a rice hybrid selected at the Paddy Breeding Station, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu [India]. it is developed using the cytoplasmic genetic male sterility and fertility restorer system. IR62829 A and IR10198-66-2 R are the parents. CORH1 matures in 100-115 d and is up to 75 cm tall. It has high-tillering ability, giving up to 20 productive tillers/hill at 25- x 20-cm spacing. The average grain number is 150/panicle; its 1,000-grain weight is 20 g. Grains are medium slender and straw-colored, kernels are white. CORH1 is best suited for May-Jun sowing in Tamil Nadu. The mean grain yield for CORH1 at 74 locations in research station, on-farm, and national hybrid rice trials was 5.9 t/ha compared with 5.0 t/ha for IR50. The mean biological yield of CORH1 was 11.2 t/ha (5.9 t grain and 5.3 t straw). The highest recorded grain yield was 10.1 t/ha. Physical, cooking, chemical, and organoleptic characters are all good. CORH1 is moderately resistant to whitebacked planthopper, brown planthopper, green leafhopper, sheath rot, brown spot, and rice tungro virus under field conditions

Other subjects

  • caracteristicas agronomicas
  • propriete organoleptique
  • oryza sativa
  • tamil nadu
  • hybride
  • caractere agronomique
  • resistencia a las plagas
  • hibridos
  • propiedades organolepticas
  • resistance aux organismes nuisibles

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International Rice Research Notes (Philippines)

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