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Heritability of weaning weight in Bhagnari and its crosses with drough master in Balochistan [Pakistan]  [1998]

Khan, M.A. (Livestock Production Research Inst., Okara (Pakistan)) Khan, M.S. Ghulam, S. Khan, M.A.

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Average weaning weight in the calves Baasnarr and its cross with Australian Droughtmaster was 111.4 n 23.1 kg. Year of birth and sex of the calf has a significant effect on the trait (P.01). The level of Droughtmaster inheritance was also an important source of variation (P0.1). Sire of the calf did not affect its weaning weight. Weaning weight was only 4 percent heritable indicating that variation in the traits was environmental and genetics had little role to play. Birth weight averaged 24.5 n 4.4 kg. Genetic correlation between birth weight and weaning weight was 0.80 indicating that genetic improvement is possible through indirect selection for birth weight. Yet, such decision would require special care for breeding heifers as calving difficulty problems may arise in future.

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Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1018-7081