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Environmental factors influencing early growth traits of Bhagnari and its crosses with droughtmaster in Pakistan  [1998]

Bashir, M.K. (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan). Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics) Mohiuddin, G. Khan, M.S. Abdullah, M. et al.

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Data on early growth records of 15343 Bhagnari, Droughtmaster and crossbreeds of varying grades maintained at Beef Research Center Sibi, Balochistan, Pakistan, 1969-94 were used in the study. The data were analyzed to evaluate the influence of different environmental factors on early growth traits. The birth weight, weaning weight and preweaning average daily gain averaged 24.2 n 4.5, 110.9 n 23.1 and 0.41 n 0.10 kg with coefficient of variation 18.5, 20.8 and 25.4 percent, respectively. All the traits were affected significantly by year, season of birth, sex and genetic group of the calf (P0.01).

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Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1018-7081