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Effect of body weight of ewes on birth weight of lambs in Rambouillet breed of sheep  [2000]

Hussain, A. (Livestock and Dairy Development Dept., Lahore (Pakistan)) Babar, M.E. Ali, S. Zia-ul-Hasan

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Data on 1816 dam-Iamb pairs of Rambouillet breed of sheep maintained at Livestock Experimental Station, Jaba, District Mansehra (NWFP) during the period 1957-86 were-used to study the effect of body weight of ewes at service on birth weight of lambs. The weight of dam at service and birth weight of lamb averaged 48.66 +- 1.14 and 3.67 +- 0.08 kg, respectively. It has been observed that weight of the dam significantly effect the birth weight of lambs. The correlation and regression coefficients between the above mentioned two traits were 0.30 and 0.042 +- 3.157 x 1-3. Analysis of variance of weight of the dam at service and birth weight of lambs due to regression revealed that this regression is statistically significant (P0.01). The results of the present study indicated that the dams weight had a positive relationship with birth weight of lambs which will be helpful in the selection of young lambs even before their birth.

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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1028-8880