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Heritability of birth weight in Bhagnari and its crosses with droughtmaster in Pakistan  [2001]

Khan, M.S. (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan). Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics) Khan, M.A.

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Heritability was estimated in Bhagnari, Droughtmaster and their crossbreeds using 25 years data on birth weight records (1317 records from 27 sires) from Beef Production Research Center, Sibi, Balochistan (Pakistan). Birch weight averaged 24.52 plus minus 4.40 kg. The trait was moderately heritable when analysis was performed using data from all the genetic groups. The estimate varied from 0.257 to 0.381 with model used. When separate analyses were performed for different genetic groups such as Bhagnari (BN), Droughtmaster (DM), BN x DM (C1), C1 x BN (C2) and C2 x Droughtmaster (C3), maximum heritability was observed for Droughtmaster (0.75) while it was minimum (0.08) for C1 animals. In purebred Bhagnari, birth weight was only 13% heritable. Improper recording of birth weight, sire for the calf, and environmental factors such as feed and fodder availability could be some of the reasons for such an estimate.

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0552-9034