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Sunflower-summer legumes intercropping systems under rainfed conditions: Yield and yield components  [2002]

Ibrar, R. Ahmad, S. Malik, M.A. (University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi (Pakistan))

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Studies pertaining to the productive efficiency of sunflower- summer mes (soybean, mungbean and urd bean) intercropping systems under rainfed conditions revealed that plants/m2, plant height and harvest index of sunflower remained unaffected whereas stem girth, head diameter, seeds/head, seed weight/head, 1000-seed weight, economic yield and biological yield were affected significantly by the intercropping systems. Plant height, primary branches/plant, secondary branches/plant urd bean only), number of pods/plant (in mungbean only), 1000-seed weight and harvest index showed non-significant differences whereas number of plants/m2, number of pods/plant (in soybean and urd bean), pod length, number of seeds/pod, economic and biological yields were significantly decreased. The loss in the sunflower yield in intercropping systems was compensated much more by summer legumes.

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0251-0480