Physico-chemical characteristics of wheat variety Inqalab-91 under poplar (Populus deltoides) based agroforestry system  [2003]

Chaudhry, A.K. (Punjab Forestry Research Inst., Faisalabad (Pakistan)) Khan, G.S. Siddiqui, M.T. Akhtar, M. et al.

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Wheat variety Inqalab-91 was intercropped with poplar (Populus deltoides) trees during 7th and 8th year of its age, grown at densities of 6.10 x 3.66m, 9.10 x 3.66m and 12.10 x 3.66m, at Punjab Forestry Research Institute, Faisalabad. 1000-kernel weight, test weight and grain size was higher under monocropping of wheat as compared to intercropped wheat. Chemical analysis revealed that crude protein, crude fiber, ash and moisture percentage was on higher side under intercropping conditions while crude fat percentage was higher under monocropping conditions of wheat. However, these contents were in standard limits, indicating that physicochemical characteristics of wheat variety inqalab-91 are not negatively effected by poplar tree intercropping under agroforestry system.

Other subjects

  • ash content
  • caracteristicas agronomicas
  • triticum aestivum
  • graisse brute
  • contenido de ceniza
  • contenido de humedad
  • cultivo intercalado
  • caractere agronomique
  • fibra bruta
  • agroforestry
  • teneur en cendres
  • intercropping
  • variedades
  • composition globale
  • proteine brute
  • composicion aproximada
  • crude fibre
  • crude fat
  • teneur en eau
  • proximate composition
  • agroforesteria
  • variete
  • agroforesterie
  • culture intercalaire
  • grasa bruta
  • fibre brute
  • varieties
  • populus deltoides
  • proteina bruta
  • agronomic characters
  • crude protein
  • moisture content

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Pakistan)

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