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Effect of arable crops on the growth of poplar (Populus deltoides) tree in agroforestry system  [2003]

Chaudhry, A.K. (Punjab Forestry Research Inst., Faisalabad (Pakistan)) Khan, G.S. Siddiqui, M.T. Akhtar, M. et al.

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Poplar AY-48 was planted at the density of 1075 trees per hectare and at the spacing of 1.52 x 6.10m and 3.05 x 3.05m under intercropped and pure stand agroforestry systems. Intercropped agroforestry system gave higher diameter (dbh), dbh increment, crown width and wood volume (m3/ha) compared to pure tree stand agroforestry system after 8 years of planting. Intercropping agroforestry system was more economical at the rotation of 4 & 6 years compared to pure poplar stand. The rotation age of 8 years was found to be uneconomical under both the agroforestry systems.

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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0552-9034