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Microtuber induction in indigenous potato variety PARS-70  [2003]

Khan, R.W. Khan, M.M. Iqbal, M.J. Usman, M. et al.

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The effect of sucrose and nitrogen concentrations was explored for in vitro microtuberization of potato cultivar PARS-70. Maximum number of shoots (2.06) and roots (3.36) per explants were observed against Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with 4% sucrose concentration. MS medium with addition of lower level of nitrogen (0.1 time) was better for good shoot regeneration while maximum number of roots was yielded at higher concentration at 1.5 times of nitrogen. Maximum number of microtubers (1.56) was induced at 8% sucrose and 4.0 times nitrogen level (1.95). These findings suggest that 4% sucrose is better for plant growth, while 8% sucrose and 4.0 times nitrogen added in MS medium, can be used to get maximum yield of microtubers in PARS-70.

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Pakistan Journal of Arid Agriculture (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1027-877X