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The effect of severity of mastitis on protein and fat contents ofbuffalo milk  [2005]

Ullah, S. Ahmad, T.,University of Agriculture, Faisalabad(Pakistan). Dept. of Clinical Medicine and Surgery

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The present study was conducted under field conditions todetermine the effect of severity of mastitis on the milk protein andfat contents. For this purpose, 150 buffaloes, having almost samestage of lactation (third to fourth month post calving) and parity(second to third), were selected randomly from District Jhang. Milkprotein and fat contents were determined by using Formol andGerber methods, respectively. The severity of mastitis was graded asP1, P2 and P3 by surf field mastitis test. Average protein (3.85 plusminus 0.76%) and fat (5.01 plus minus 0.19%) contents were maximumin the milk of buffaloes that were negative for mastitis. However,these contents decreased with the severity of mastitis from 3.56 plusminus 0.10 to 3.14 t 0.10% for protein and 4.91 t 0.17 to 4.39 t 0.15%for fat.

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Pakistan Veterinary Journal (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0253-8318