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Growth rate and feed conversion ratio in major carps fed on ricepolishing and maize oil cake  [2003]

Qadoos, A. Ahmad, I.,University of Agriculture, Faisalabad(Pakistan). Dept. of Zoology and Fisheries

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In two earthen ponds of 200 m2 areas, major carps were stocked inthe ratio of 20 Labeo rohita, 15 Catla catla and 15 Cirrhinus mrigala. Onepond was given rice polishing and the other pond was given maize oilcake as supplementary feed, both at rate of 4% of wet body weight offish daily for 136 days. The overall growth rate was recorded to be92.06 g/day in pond given rice polishing and 120.68 g/day in that givenmaize oil cake. The overall feed conversion ratio was 2.47 for ricepolishing and 2.79 for maize oil cake.

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Pakistan Veterinary Journal (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0253-8318