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Renal clearance and urinary excretion of norfloxacin in sheep  [2005]

Javed, I. Khan, F.H. Muhammad, F. Aslam, B. et al.

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The renal clearance and urinary excretion of norfloxacin wasinvestigated in eight healthy sheep. In each animal, norfloxacin wasadministered intramuscularly at the rate of 5 mg/kg body weight.Following drug administration, blood and urine samples were collected atdifferent time intervals and analyzed for norfloxacin and creatinineconcentrations. Microbiological assay and spectrophotometer were used tomeasure drug and creatinine concentrations in plasma and urine samples,respectively. The value of diuresis after single administration ofnorfloxacin was 0.023 plus minus 0.004 ml/min.kg. Mean (plus minus SE)values for renal clearance of creatinine and norfloxacin were 0.042 plusminus 0.005 and 0.013 plus minus 0.002 ml/min.kg, respectively. Keepingin view the results, it is clear that renal handling of norfloxacininvolved active tubular secretion. The ratio between the renal clearanceof norfloxacin and that of creatinine remained less than one, which isindicative of back diffusion. The mean (plus minus SE) value for thecumulative percent of dose of norfloxacin excreted at 12 hours followingadministration of norfloxacin was 1.86 plus minus 0.05. Based on theseresults, it is evident that besides glomerular filtration, renal handling ofdrug also involved back diffusion and active tubular secretion. It wasconcluded that in local sheep glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was foundlower than that of their foreign counter parts, reflected through lessurinary excretion of norfloxacin.

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Pakistan Veterinary Journal (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0253-8318