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Improvement of banana quality in relation to storage humidity, temperature and fruit length  [2006]

Ahmad, S. (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan). Inst. of Horticultural Sciences Perviez, M.A. Chatha, Z.A.) Thompson, A.K.

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This investigation was undertaken to find out the effect of fruit size, storage temperature, humidity and their interactions on the quality of ripe fruit. The experiment was laid out according to the factorial design with four replications. It is observed that both humidity levels (80-85% and 90-95%) and fruit size did not effect the ripening time of bananas so they ripened after 10 days. Bananas stored at 18 degree C ripened after 9 days (two days earlier) but those stored at 16 degree C ripened after 11 days. Weight loss percentage was greater (1.31%) in bananas, which were stored at higher temperature (18 degree C) than those, which were stored at lower temperature (16 degree C with weight loss 1.09%). Regarding to weight loss percentage temperature showed greater effect at lower humidity levels. Bananas ripened at higher temperature (18 degree C) were less green (-3.33), softer (2.67 Nmm-1) and with more pulp/peel ratio (1.78) than those ripened at 16 degree C. Humidity levels showed no difference regarding TSS % but it was greater (22.8%) in bananas, which were ripened at 18 degree C than those of 16 degree C. Panelists preferred long bananas, which were ripened at 18 degree C. In order to attain the best quality ripe fruit bananas (20 cm) should be stored at 18 degree C and relative humidity during ripening must be 80-85%.

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International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1560-8530